Thursday, January 20, 2011

Have you ever wanted to be a male maid or own one?

I am busy trying to collect information on those men and women who are interested in the subject. Although big in some countries, the idea of a man in a pretty maid's uniform, doing all those tedious tasks about the house doesn't seem to raise any interest in South Africa. I am sure that there are many men now who would love to change places with women in the kitchen! Imagine too the sight of a imaculately dressed maid in a frilly apron serving you refreshments after a hard day at the office. Maybe too, if he's quite good in the kitchen and with laundry duties, you can imagine how you can make him take good care of all your delicate lingerie! Ladies,surely this is the time youv'e been waiting for! A time when your man is firmly under your control and loving it! I know many ladies fantasize about a naked man in an apron, but please, he should be made to know what it's like to be a woman. Don't you think it would be far more satisfying as woman to insist on a perfect attite. (High heals can improve his posture too!). There are so many lovely maids uniforms available now, and take my advice, get him into one. You will never regret it! I have much good advise for my sisters and I will be happy to answer any question that you might like to ask. Many ladies like me, who have tried this new way of handling their men as domestic maids, have a acquired new, very understanding and loving partner in return. Believe me, almost every male who was ever born, can be trained! I hope that at the end of some interaction over the internet, we can start a new revolution here in South Africa. Women are running everything now, and of course doing much better than men, while the men must learn the true meaning of domesticity from now on. We can discuss here too, that which I believe we women can also enjoy fantasizing about, this being the lovely sexy underwear that will have be worn under their trim dresses and frilly apron. I strongly suggest that corsets should be seriously considered, to make sure that our maids do have slim waists! Who on earth wants a fat belly anymore around the house. Keep it coming! lets hear from the sisters, and if their male maids, or those hoping to be, are capable of adding anything inteligent, they can submit their ideas as well. Later perhaps we can extend this to a full contact website for all you new empowered ladies to enjoy, and of course, get in contact with each other to share dicipline stories! Keep it coming Ladies!


  1. dear Mistress Doreen,
    How wonderful to find your blog and to find that you enjoy the thought of a male maid. I would be delighted to offer my services as a maid to any lady who would like to experience this for herself.
    There is something truly liberating in being dressed in the most feminine outfit and at the beck and call of a lady. I have yet to meet a long term lady who would accept this but i am still hopeful. Although perfectly hetrosexual the exchange of power and the pleasure in doing the mundane household chores is just so good!

  2. Great blog! I'm a fit professional hetero male, but thoroughly enjoy dressing up in a frilly French maid outfit and doing menial housework for women. Finding women to do this for is challenging, but nothing beats seeing a smirking woman standing over me as I scrub the floor, clean the toilet or see her relaxing on the couch watching me vacuum or fold laundry. I'm in the US so I probably can't be much help to you but thought the least I could do is offer a little support.